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Public Housing Occupancy Tracking

Public Housing Occupancy Tracking

Ensure high occupancy with NMA's Public Housing Occupancy Tracking system. The program can be used by any rental development, whether or not it is HUD-assisted, meaning that agencies with any combination of mixed-finance, LIHTC, or public housing properties will find it extremely valuable. 

For agencies who administer public housing, it's important to remember that a large portion of HUD's PHAS score is dependent upon keeping your units filled. Since the move to a project-based management system, asset and property managers have needed an accurate tool to track occupancy rate and unit turnaround time. The Public Housing Occupancy Tracking system can help you keep on top of occupancy issues so there are no surprises when it comes time for the evaluation.

Designed to provide three years of public housing occupancy and turnaround data for up to twelve projects (developments), the tool presents data in a variety of reports and charts to help your agency track occupancy data by development as well as portfolio, do trend analysis, and spot problem areas quickly. Reports and charts can easily be printed or copied for analysis, discussion, and instruction.

*Product only available in digital format.
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