Collection: Managing Multifamily HAP Contracts


Are you confident that your staff understands the complicated Section 8 project-based renewal process? Early planning and preparation are essential! Don’t miss our newest class, Managing Multifamily HAP Contracts. Nan McKay & Associates is the only training company currently offering this type of training.

Education and preparation are the two key components to ensure a timely and effective contract renewal. Understanding the terms of the initial HAP contract, options available to your specific property, and long term goals for the units are the pillars of a solid contract renewal. Early planning and preparation will provide a seamless and timely submission and review, and will secure a renewed contract without interruption in payments of HAP.

In this class we will cover:

  • What is involved in the renewal process 
  • Submission timing and requirements 
  • Rent comparability studies 
  • Rent adjustments during the contract terms 
  • A detailed review of the six options available to traditional PBRA properties 
  • Termination of the contract and steps involved 
  • Residual receipts 
  • Tenant issues and related required notices 
  • Physical condition requirements 
  • Section 8BB transfer of budget authority 
  • Comparison of the types of assistance at a project
  • Rent adjustments
  • Section 8 bb transfers
  • Tenant issues
  • Program compatibility studies
  • Residual receipt accounts

We will also walk though a case study of a property ready for renewal and discuss: the process for reviewing the original HAP contract, how to determine what options are available, review of budget and property position, long term goals for the property, and what options and terms might be best.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Managing Multifamily HAP Contracts, you should be able to:

  • Identify the key program elements, requirements, regulatory agencies, and documents used to renew expiring HAP contracts 
  • Identify important timeframes and deadlines for submission of documentation 
  • Recognize the options for renewal depending on the contract and each specific property 
  • Describe each option and the requirements for submission 
  • Identify the key program elements, requirements, and regulatory agencies and documents used to request annual rent increases for contracts still in their term 
  • Recognize the regulations for production and submission of rent comparability studies when required for contract renewal submission 
  • Describe requirements and timeframes for tenant notification 
  • Recognize the eligibility requirements, general requirements, and submission process for a request of transfer of budget authority under Section 8(bb) of the housing code 
  • Identify the different types of assistance provided to residents and programs that are tenant-based versus project based 
  • Recall the process of converting HAP contracts for PRAC, 202/811 
  • Recognize the process for converting mod rehab properties through the RAD program to either project-based vouchers (PBV) or project-based rental assistance (PBRA) 
  • Describe HUD accounts, such as residual receipts and replacement reserves, and how they factor into the renewal and rent adjustment processes 
  • Recognize the options for rent setting above fair market rent (FMR) and any special considerations associated

Seminar #101-019

AGENDA: View the agenda
METHOD: A group-live seminar featuring PowerPoint, case studies, group discussion, course book, and Q&A
LENGTH: Two days
AUDIENCE: All staff
PROGRAM LEVEL: Basic knowledge of housing programs and issues
CREDITS: CPE Units = 17
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