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Model Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) and Guide

Model Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) and Guide

NMA's Model Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) and Guide provides the basis for writing the project's TSP by recommending language for each area in which owner/agents have discretion or flexibility to develop their own policies.

For each policy decision, the accompanying instruction guide offers important points to consider and customizable policy choices so that you can choose the best policy to suit your project’s needs. The model TSP cites and describes HUD regulations following the HUD handbook 4350.3 REV-1, Chg. 4 in detail, which provides your project with a solid foundation in policy-making.

NMA's Model Tenant Selection Plan and Guide also includes RAD-specific language for properties undergoing a RAD conversion.

NMA's Model Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) Revision Service

Subscribing to our revision service ensures that your policy is always up to date as HUD makes regulatory changes. It can help your agency attain a thorough and accurate tenant selection plan that covers all the bases, making this a vital tool for managing your PBRA program. 

Click here to view a sample of the Model TSP

Click here to view a sample of the TSP Guide

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For the 2022 revision, the Model Tenant Selection Plan has been brought current with all recent HUD requirements and guidance, including the following:

  • Clarifications regarding the disclosure of Social Security numbers
  • Clarifications regarding eligibility restrictions for students enrolled in institutions of higher education
  • Updates to allowable transfers to include transfers for medical reasons
  • Revisions regarding documentation if the PHA accepts an individual’s verbal statement or other corroborating evidence for the sake of VAWA protection
  • Other minor revisions to ensure compliance
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