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Housekeeping Basics

Housekeeping Basics

NMA's Housekeeping Basics video provides budget-conscious cleaning methods, helpful tips, and preventative suggestions to keep family units clean and in good condition. This video can be used for initial resident orientation and participant briefings for your public housing families. Housing choice voucher families will also benefit from the video's common-sense approach to good housekeeping.

NMA's Housekeeping Basics Video 

This video provides guidance on how to keep various parts of the home clean, including:

  • Kitchen (food storage, dish washing tips, preventing hard water stains, avoiding mildew)
  • Bathroom (using non-abrasive products, preventing hard water deposits, avoiding mildew)
  • Bedroom (dusting and vacuuming techniques and tips)
  • Living room (toy storage, reducing clutter)
  • Indoor cleaning strategies
  • Home exterior, outdoor, and lawn maintenance
  • Reporting repair problems

LENGTH: Approximately 18 minutes

*Please note, only DVDs include closed captioning. Our flash drive files currently do not support this option.

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