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Public Housing Orientation

Public Housing Orientation

NMA's Public Housing Orientation video is an ideal way to help new program participants become familiar with what living in public housing will be like and how it differs from renting in the open market. It is also a useful tool for new staff orientations or anyone who wants to know more about the public housing program.


NMA's Public Housing Orientation Video 

Welcome new families and staff to your PHA's public housing program with this informative video!

Topics covered include:

  • Fair housing law protections for families
  • Lease components and family obligations under the lease
  • Community service requirements
  • UPCS inspections and repairs
  • Annual reexamination of family income and household composition
  • Unit transfers
  • Reasons for lease terminations and/or evictions and the grievance process
  • Reasonable accommodation process for persons with disabilities
  • Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program and Earned Income Disallowance (EID)

LENGTH: Approximately 17 minutes

*Please note, only DVDs include closed captioning. Our flash drive files currently do not support this option.

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