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Voucher Family Briefing

Voucher Family Briefing

Briefing new housing choice voucher (HCV) program participants is a HUD-required task. Now you can accomplish this task with the help of our family-friendly video presentation. NMA's Voucher Family Briefing video walks new HCV participants through the important rules and relevant details of the program while at the same time enhancing your PHA’s image.


NMA's Voucher Family Briefing Video 

Families will feel comfortable as they learn about:

  • How the housing choice voucher program works, including information not only on the roles and responsibilities of families, PHAs, and owners, but also on in-depth information found in the briefing packet
  • Choosing where to live, including how to look for a unit, what to consider in terms of neighborhoods and units, and questions for units owners
  • Leasing under the voucher program, including requesting tenancy approval, inspections, reasonable rent, signing a lease, the housing assistance payment and family share, and payment standards
  • What happens after move-in, including annual reexaminations, annual unit inspections, reporting changes, changes in the rent and in the lease, portability, family obligations and violations, and the Violence against Women Act (VAWA)
  • Important fair housing information, such as requests for accommodations and how to file a housing discrimination complaint

LENGTH: Approximately 24 minutes (English version) or 28 minutes (Spanish version)

*Please note, only DVDs include closed captioning. Our flash drive files currently do not support this option.


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